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In the News: Chime Featured on Real Estate Marketing Dude Podcast

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Mike Cuevas, host of the popular podcast Real Estate Marketing Dude, to discuss the increasingly critical role of content in building, nurturing and sustaining a successful real estate business.  Our own Randy Carroll was joined by our partner Tyler Auerbacher, co-founder of Dippidi to offer listeners practical advice on how to build and deliver relevant and timely content to the audiences that matter most.  In an increasingly competitive market, content in lynchpin to an effective marketing strategy and necessary business investment to generate and nurture leads for long term success. Based on the philosophy that “content creates conversation” this informative discussion is valuable for all agents – novice and veteran alike.  Listen to the podcast, HERE.  

  • Learn more about Chime HERE.

 Mike’s popular podcast offers agents ongoing advice on how to attract business and prescribes a multi-channel approach to building a personal brand.  To learn more, check it out HERE.

 *Full disclosure you may want to listen with headphones as Mike is a self-proclaimed “dude who likes to swear!”*