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In the News: Inman Covers Chime’s Partnership with Revaluate

Can too many online leads be too much of a good thing? All signs point to yes, as the real estate industry continues to grapple with how to identify which leads are the “best”, the “hottest” and truly “sales ready”.

As Craig Rowe from Inman noted in his most recent story“Lead source and quality are growing ever more critical for agents, teams and brokerages as the pace of today’s real estate market continues to blister the heels of working agents. The faster leads can be verified, the more value an agent receives from them.”

That’s why we’ve partnered with the team at Revaluate. By combining the power of our two AI-driven systems, we can predict and highlight the leads that have the highest propensity to transact…and will do so in the next six months! And we can do it all directly from the Chime platform.

Our own Mike McGowan was quoted saying, “Instead of focusing on acquiring more leads, agents and brokers need to capitalize on converting those they already have and leverage technology to prioritize which opportunities deserve attention and nurturing.”

To learn more about how we are helping the industry identify the leads ready to transact right now, check out the story in Inman that highlights our partnership with Revaluate.