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No Robots Need Apply: What Makes our AI Assistant so Unique

Perhaps when you think about AI and chatbots you immediately think of robots and impersonal “static” conversations. While the interaction may be useful, it likely doesn’t feel personal. No one wants to be treated like a number or feel like they are talking to a robot (our team included!); they want to feel valued. Providing a personalized experience from the get-go is especially important given today’s uber competitive real estate industry.

That’s why we designed our AI Assistant to be more than a simple chatbot. In fact, we named it the AI Assistant because it adds so much more value than that. Unlike any other product available in the real estate industry, Chime’s AI Assistant updates itself through Google’s machine leaning algorithm. That means it is learning, updating, and optimizing the flow of the conversation based on your specific conversions and what’s working. This personalization is the main element needed to drive optimal results and avoid any “robotic” conversations.

The design is key. Unlike others in the industry, ours is native to our platform – we don’t outsource, we built it ourselves! The AI Assistant is designed to be a lead generation tool but also an assistant that helps qualify news leads, reengage old leads within your database, and convert.

Our clients have experienced amazing benefits like doubling response rates and improving lead capture rates by 33% given improved speed of engagement. If you want to learn more about how our AI Assistant is so much more than your standard chatbot, check out our video. To hear how clients are using it in real life – including how one used the Chime AI Assistant to turn a six-month-old COLD lead into a $1.6M dollar property under agreement – check out our webinar recording.