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6 Tech Tips to Turn Up the Heat on Your Open House


Ten years ago, an open house was often the initial part of the journey to a successful real estate sale. But as technology has spurred new ways to view properties (virtual tours as an example), the role of an open house in the real estate process has evolved along with it.  
Today, an open house can serve as a pivotal moment offering the opportunity to showcase a property and engage with potential buyers who are likely already interested …and ready to buy! In today's digital era, technology plays a crucial role in elevating the success of these events. From marketing to managing logistics, leveraging the right tools can streamline processes and enhance the overall experience for both agents and attendees.  
Here are six ways real estate professionals can harness technology to market and manage open houses for bigger and better results...

  1. 1. Get Social from the Start: Leverage the power of social media advertising to promote your open house to a targeted audience. Platforms like Lofty, offer innovative social media marketing capabilities that can help capitalize on sophisticated targeting options via popular platforms and reach potential buyers based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Our Social Studio product, built directly into the Lofty platform, can seamlessly develop visual assets and compelling content to capture attention and drive attendance to your open house event. 
  2. 2. Online Registration and RSVP: Simplify the RSVP process for your open house by implementing online registration systems. Collecting this information in advance helps to plan for attendance but also ensures a more streamlined follow-up process. Plus, you can add these new contacts to your database and re-market as needed. Check out how we help you do that via Instagram as an example. 
  3. 3. QR Codes for Property Information: Make it easy for attendees to access detailed information about the property by incorporating QR codes into your marketing materials. Place QR codes on flyers, signage, and promotional materials that link directly to the property listing, virtual tour, or additional resources. This enables attendees to quickly access relevant information on their smartphones and enhances their overall experience during the open house.

 4. Digital Sign-In and Follow-Up: Streamline the check-in process at your open house with digital sign-in solutions. Use tablet devices or mobile apps to capture attendee information electronically as they arrive at the event. With Lofty, capturing this data is easy. Create an open house form right from the CRM platform, grab the QR code or link and place this in your marketing collateral at the front of the house! Typically, users will have a tablet or computer at the front where they ask people to sign into the open house. We also see users have a sign, tablet or TV out with the QR code readily available for visitors to scan on their own personal devices to sign in. This not only eliminates the need for paper sign-in sheets but also enables you to collect valuable contact information for follow-up purposes. Send personalized follow-up emails or messages to attendees after the event to express gratitude for their visit and provide additional information about the property. Add them to your CRM system and continue to nurture those new contacts.   

Pro tip: set up a smart campaign to send a text message 2 hours after someone registers through an open house form with a message along the lines of “Hey John, it’s Sally, the agent from 123 Main Street. I just stepped away from the open house quickly to let you know it was a pleasure meeting you today. If you have any questions about this house in particular or would like to see other houses in the area don’t hesitate to reach out.” Staying in front of prospects right off the bat is key to getting them to transact with you! 

  1. 5. Go Live and Drive More Interest: Extend the reach of your open house event by incorporating live streaming technology via Facebook or Instagram live. This allows you broadcast virtual tours of the property in real-time – perhaps just before the open house begins – to generate further interest in the event. Additionally, host virtual Q&A sessions where viewers can ask questions and interact with the agent or property owner directly, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for all participants. Check out our 360 Marketing Programs for more.  
  2. 6. Feedback Surveys and Analytics: Gather valuable feedback from attendees to evaluate the success of your open house event. Distribute online surveys or feedback forms to gather insights about the attendee experience, including likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvement. This data can help guide your future plans and amplify your marketing efforts around future open house events.