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Operating Virtually Tech Tools you Need to Win – Part 2


By Randy Carroll

According to David Adam Kurz of The Kurz Team, failure is a lie. This notion, the title of his upcoming book, has been fundamental to his overwhelming success in building a virtual brokerage and four expansion teams — amid a global pandemic. While some argue brick and mortar is lynchpin to success, David, top producer, coach, author and national speaker asserts that virtual brokerages are the way of the future and his more than 20 agents couldn’t agree more. Our latest webinar with LCA features a conversation with David to learn more about the essential tech tools needed to build and maintain a successful virtual brokerage and effectively lead expansion teams, without the familiar comforts of an office space. To listen to the full webinar, “Operating Virtually: Tech Tools You Need to Win – Part 2: Virtual Brokerages,” visit HERE.

With years of experience in the real estate industry, David joined EXP Realty with the intention of embarking on a virtual brokerage journey. While COVID accelerated his timeline, it did not hinder his ability to execute his plan or find success. According to David, critical to this success was his investment in Chime to seamlessly manage teams and offices across state lines in a single, easy to use interface as well as collaboration and communication tools – from Zoom to WhatsApp – to ensure consistent connection and meaningful engagement with his team.

From David’s perspective, Chime has been a true partner in his journey and enabler to strategic growth.  By offering one, easy to use, streamlined interface within the platform, Chime provides David all the insights he needs to effectively manage and communicate with his teams, track lead progress, review conversion rates and monitor smart plans.  With a dedicated page for each team, David can drill down into the specifics by location to gain greater insight into the status of the business locally and where he may need to jump in to support an agent or team.  With built-in API keys to automatically feed relevant lead sources to specific locations, Chime also eliminates the need to manually filter leads and frees agents to focus only on buyers/sellers in their market. Not to mention, with an intuitive AI chatbot and virtual home tour options, Chime delivers all the tools an agent needs to execute business from home.

And while folks aren’t gathered around the water cooler anymore, consistent communication and team engagement is still a requirement for success.  David and his teams rely on several easy to use collaboration tools including WhatsApp, Marco Polo and Zoom to not only connect, share and communicate, but also to help agents feel comfortable delivering video messages, an increasingly effective way to connect with leads.  With weekly check-ins and daily huddles with the team, David also meets in person whenever possible – from happy hours to coffee chats – to maintain that essential face to face time.  Because this business is after all, about people.

While David admits there are hiccups along the way to building a virtual brokerage – or any business for that matter – he firmly believes now is the time to shift our mindset, acknowledge there is an effective new way to conduct real estate and commit to investing in the innovative tools available to ensure success, even virtually.

To listen to the full webinar, “Operating Virtually: Tech Tools You Need to Win – Part 2: Virtual Brokerages,” visit HERE.

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