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Preferred Partner Opportunity with Chime’s Robust Marketplace  

Since our inception, we have been committed to serving the needs of the real estate industry by providing innovative technology designed to alleviate challenges, streamline processes, and empower agents to work smarter, not harder.  In this spirit, we are proud to unveil upgrades to our Marketplace to bring continued value to our community of 40K agents nationwide as they navigate evolving market conditions.  

Featuring a robust API stack, unmatched integration support, and leadership in a variety of solution categories including data services, productivity, transactions and more, Chime Marketplace was designed with today’s agent in mind.  With an already impressive roster of integration partners including BombBomb, Google, Microsoft and more, Chime marketplace helps agents, teams, and brokerages alike address all facets of the real estate process – from IDX to lead generation, social media to conversion.  We are eager to extend an invitation to like-minded tech innovators to join our Preferred Partner program.  

— Interested in becoming a Preferred Partner?  Get in touch HERE.

Preferred Partners will benefit from a number of exclusive opportunities for brand exposure among our growing community including:

— Premium product placement

— API access and technical support

— Feature in the Chime monthly podcast

— Discounts on Chime CRM for customers

— Plus much more!

We are excited about the opportunity to extend our value to agents nationwide and collaborate with other real estate tech innovators to help move the industry forward.  Get in touch with our stellar partner team to learn more about how you can become part of this exciting opportunity!