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Ramp Up Your Sales in 2018

The new year is well underway now, and as you gear up for the selling season, you want to make sure you take some purposeful steps to ensure the most successful year possible. Here are some tips you can keep in mind to help you get an early, energetic start:

Hone Your Marketing Objectives

Take a look at the marketing efforts that are actually bringing in clients. Then, look at the strategies that haven’t brought you any business. Cut those from your plan and allocate the dollars to some other aspect of marketing. By directing money to channels you know work, you can ramp up business and use your budget more effectively.

Make a Marketing Plan

When things are slow, make a marketing plan for the entire year. This means that you should know what you’re going to do to push your business during each of the following 12 months. Create a monthly breakdown that includes deadlines and costs for things like direct mailings, social campaigns, direct mail, and more. Then stick to the plan as you enter your busy season.

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Start Calling Prospects

Call the sales prospects that you have and ask if they’re ready to work with you. Don’t be afraid if they say no — it’s not your only shot. Studies show that it takes multiple calls to get a potential buyer to convert, so making those initial calls will only get the process going.

Get in Touch with People Selling FSBO

During the winter months, get in touch with people who are selling their homes by owner. For people with a FSBO sign outside their home, you can simply inquire how the process is going. These sellers might just appreciate your offer of assistance and decide that they want to work with you.

Give Your Current Clients You Full Attention

During the winter, you probably have fewer buyers you’re working with. Because things are slower, you should give these customers your complete, full attention. This will result in happier clients who may just end up finding the right thing to buy with you — and that can mean a better reputation, more referrals and more clients who will want to work with you again.