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Real Estate Business Card Ideas: Creating Authentic First Impressions

Business cards are prolific, especially in real estate. In 2016, 27 million business cards were printed each day! But with the volume of business cards showing no signs of stopping, what makes a real estate business card truly stand out?

With the stack of business cards on my desk, this is what I recommend:

  • Do Not Follow the Standard. Choose a thicker paper or heavier paper “weight.” Thicker business cards are less likely to stick together and hide. Use an atypical business card size, the more square the better, which will help you stand out from the crowds.
  • Do Use Unique Fonts. Leverage fonts as a design element by using two font types together for added effect. Like colors, fonts can complement one another for added effect. Complimentary fonts include using a serif font for the title with a sans serif font for the slogan, additional copy, and contact information.
  • Do Not Use Orange. Try to avoid using orange in your business card design, both for background colors and for fonts. Surprisingly, the most common color was orange. If I had to guess, I would imagine most real estate agents though orange or a similar warm color would stick out the most.
  • Do Use Black. Do try to use unique colors, like black, as your primary color. Out of all the business cards I’ve handled, black is the least common color for elements as well as fonts! If the budget allows, ask for a “raised text” effect, which gives the appearance of 3D text across your card. It catches attention more easily than “flatter ink.”
  • Do Not Forget Your Title & Contact Info. Forgetting a brokerage shoutout is one thing, but omitting your title all together leaves way too much to the imagination. Do add your brokerage name, your title, and your full name. Include your email, primary phone, and address. If room permits, add two to three social media handles, but make sure avoid overcrowding.
  • Do Use Both Sides of the Card. The other side of the card can be filled with just your logo, your brokerage, or even your headshot. There’s a 50/50 chance one side of your card is facing up. Make sure your card is always broadcasting a message.

Business cards are one of your strongest first lines of attack for branding and even lead generation. Picking the right CRM will help you automate your lead generation and management efforts, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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