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Real Estate CRM Technology: How to Automate Lead Importing, Scoring, and Routing.

The market is full of listing portals and vendors that help you generate leads, Zillow and Trulia being two well-known examples. Generating leads is great, but the larger challenge is converting those leads into clients. An industry report published by HubSpot indicated that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. That startling statistic indicates major issues in the lead conversion process.

The real estate lead conversion process has several stages:

  • Importing leads into a central database where they can be managed
  • Scrubbing and scoring leads
  • Routing leads to responsible parties or buckets

Lead importing. A CRM system that can automatically import leads from a variety of sources can save an agent a significant amount of time. In addition, automation ensures that all leads are accounted for – something that doesn’t always happen when the process is performed manually. Whether you have online leads coming from Zillow or walk-in leads from an open house, all you lead sources are captured and imported automatically.

Lead scoring. Phony emails, generic numbers, and fake names are common with online leads. Even if leads are imported directly into your CRM, how do you know which leads are sales qualified and which leads need to hit the trashcan without manual scrubbing? Automated lead scoring solves this problem by doing an initial check on the validity of the information provided, including verifying email addresses, phone numbers, and parsing social media data to further enhance the lead’s information.

Lead routing. Lead routing is a big time-saver for every agent. For an individual agent, the system may put the lead into the right bucket automatically. Without automation, leads may not be routed to the agent who can do the best job of assisting that lead. In that case, poor routing can result in lost leads, not just wasting time. Some real estate professionals using lead routing have seen a 45 percent increase in user actions on their website, as well as a huge increase in the number of site visits where a visitor has asked to be contacted by an agent with specific expertise.

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