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Real Estate Lead Follow-Up Strategies: Use Your CRM to Convert More Leads

Studies show 95% of online leads convert between the 2nd and 12th contact attempt. This statistic is shocking for two reasons. For one, it shows how long the typical sales cycle takes. And second, it highlights the importance of building a lead follow-up strategy deeper than the first touch.

Further studies show takes anywhere from 8 to 12 touches for a lead to move from the prospecting stage to the customer stage. Top of the funnel leads, including online leads, will require more nurturing. Unfortunately, many agents feel burdened by following up with a lead trying to schedule an appointment. In reality, agents are boxing themselves in with the same contact method and are not leveraging technology to schedule action plans and assign drips to automate follow up.

According to Hoss Pratt, the ultimate goal of your follow-up campaigns is to get the lead to open your message, read your message, and respond to your message. Using your CRM to automate follow-ups is one of the best uses of your time as it increases the likelihood of that lead responding positively to your strategy.

If you’re finding yourself spending too much time pulling leads through your funnel, download our full ebook to learn how to couple your CRM with your sales strategy to remove mundane follow-up tasks and improve conversions.