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How to Integrate Mobile Users into Your Lead Conversion Strategy

As real estate moves more and more into the digital sphere, your online marketing efforts and lead conversion strategies should be compatible with every lead source. More than 50% of pageviews for listings occur on a mobile device, so it’s important to optimize your business model to capture and convert mobile leads. Here are three ways to integrate mobile users into your lead conversion strategy:

Make sure your IDX website is responsive. According to the Zillow Group, a typical buyer lead will use a mobile device to search for properties online. After looking at agent websites with photos, home listings, and information, a lead will then contact an agent. A mobile-responsive IDX website will attract and capture mobile users directly into your CRM. User behavior and social data is matched to the lead’s profile, giving you additional insight into their preferred neighborhood, property criteria, and even expected income range.

Use mobile-responsive email templates. Email drip campaigns are great for agents who want to automate their lead nurturing efforts: Nurtured leads are engaged, informed, and properly introduced to you, your brand, and your services. Nearly 45 percent of all marketing emails are opened from a mobile device, so when building your email templates, make sure your emails look as amazing on a desktop as they do from a phone. Stay in front of your mobile leads by making sure your message displays properly.

Automate your first touch. Converting mobile leads can be notoriously difficult. On average, buyer leads will contact two agents and seller leads will contact at least three agents before signing an agreement. According to Realtor Mag, leads select the agent who contacts them first so it’s important to stand out and be the first person in front of the lead. When a lead falls into your CRM, automate your first touch stage. Without automating the welcome touch stage, the difficulty of converting leads increases exponentially the longer you delay!

Remember to keep the end goal in sight. Setting buyer consultations or listing presentations is the end goal for your conversion strategy. To get there, you must design a conversion strategy to handle every lead source to distinguish yourself from the competition, and to provide value to your leads.

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