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How to Measure Your Real Estate Sales Funnel


Real estate is a business, and running a business requires solid bookkeeping as well as a strong sales strategy. However, not all lead follow-up strategies perform the same for every agent. Measuring how your real estate sales funnel is performing will help you pinpoint which strategies are working and which efforts have the worst ROI.

In order to see the overall health of your funnel, you’ll need to dive deeper and measure your follow-up efforts touch by touch. Thankfully, your CRM is the best system to track each engagement!

Here is a list of metrics you should track using your CRM:

  • Lead growth, including volume of leads by source and conversion rate
  • Sales volume, including the number of closings
  • Calls, including the number of dials, successful connections, call tagging based on results
  • Texts, including the number of texts sent and replies
  • Emails, including opens, clicks, and replies

It’s important to have a system which automatically monitors the performance of your follow-up strategies so you know which aspects of your lead conversion strategy are working and which need adjusting. Using the right CRM will help you measure your efforts, so make sure to schedule a free demo with a productivity expert to help you better understand how Chime will help you meet your lead conversion goals.

“Not all forms of marketing or prospecting yield the same results. This is where keeping close watch on your own success rates will help you determine exactly what amount of effort is required for each transaction,” excerpt from Nick Dreher in Mindset, Methods and Metrics

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