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Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 10: Canlas Brothers

This week on the Ring in the Sales podcast, we interview one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most charismatic real estate duos: The Canlas Brothers. They talk about how they built one of the region’s best-performing real estate teams using content, and what it takes to succeed as an agent.


You’ve really built a brand for your team. What’s your secret?


There is no secret. Everyone is wondering what’s that pill. What’s that different thing that you do that other people don’t. At the end of the day, it’s really just hard work. If you’re consistent and you work hard every single day and you implement new technology, like Chime, or any other thing that’s new and pressing, you’ll be successful. Be consistent and committed to it, and you’ll get the job and start seeing results.


This gets us to our topic: content. This month, we’re talking with star players. How do you reach out to your leads as real estate agents?


In terms of technology and content, we send out direct mail pieces, we use geographic farming, we do BombBomb videos, we do a bunch of mail blasts. But a huge part of our business has been property alerts on Chime. We set clients up on property alerts and they get that content directly from the parameters that we set in the system.

To listen to more tips for building a brand and to take in the interview with The Canlas Brothers in its entirety, check out the complete podcast here.