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Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 4: Chris Morrison

This week on Ring in the Sales, we interview Chris Morrison, an associate broker and co-founder of Launch Real Estate in Phoenix. Chris discusses how he developed his first real estate company, GeographicFarm, a real estate lead generation platform, and how agents can automate their processes to do their best work.
RITS: How did you found GeographicFarm?

CM: I was taking a coaching call from my coach, Christina, and I was getting my mailing pieces out — it was working, everything was going out, the graphic design was on par. And I wasn’t having to do it myself, I had an actual designer doing it — and everything was going out smoothly.

So, my coach is like: “Gosh, you get everything out every single week; I have so many of my coaching clients I have to hound and hound… How do you get this done?” And I said, “I have a graphic designer and I know what I want. I make decisions quick, I know where to get printing, I know the mailing house that I like to use. I know how to get the best deal on postage, and I know which ones I want to mail to versus which ones I don’t. I know how to decide which area is going to be the best area to go after. And she’s like: “Everybody needs this product.” So, I say: “Why don’t we call it GeographicFarm?” So, she says: “Okay, your coaching assignment is to send me a business outline for this.”

So, I did, and that’s how GeographicFarm was formed.

Basically, it was formed out of a need where you have all these agents who shouldn’t be sitting there on Microsoft Word trying to decide on some postcard. Real estate agents have a way of making things extremely ugly when they do it themselves. But, if they bring in somebody who’s really good at what they do… Basically, we found that real estate agents that are on top of their game need an automated system to be able to be consistent in what they do. And that’s how it was formed.

Hear about how Chris built a business that helps other real estate agents build their own businesses, and other helpful tips he has to offer, by listening to the whole podcast here.