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Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 6: Shon Kokoszka

Today on the podcast, we welcome founder of Icon Coaching, Shon Kokoszka, who shares info about the most common lead conversion mistakes made by agents. A sample:


In our pre-interview call, Shon shared with us that he’d have to be an idiot not to recognize the traits and the habits of successful agents. And that’s exactly why we wanted to have him on the podcast this week, to share that knowledge.


So, today I wanted to talk this question: why are some agents getting a massive ROI on ad spend, while others experience a negative ROI? Well, undoubtedly, it’s due to their lack of ability to convert the leads that they’re generating. There’s really five reasons why realtors are experiencing that negative ROI, and the first reason is all about response time. It’s all about speed-to-lead in today’s world.

Part of the challenge is leads have developed the ability, through digital marketing efforts and companies like Zillow and Trulia, to self-identify way earlier in the process than they ever could before. So, they might fill out a web form at two in the morning, with no intention to buy a home or list their home for at least 12 months. Yet, that realtor gets that lead and gets excited — they attempt to reach out to the lead and the lead doesn’t respond, and then we throw it in the can. But recent research suggests that if you attempt to reach out to these leads at least 6 times then your conversion rate associated with that prospect increases by 900 percent.

To hear the rest of Shon’s helpful lead conversion advice, check out the rest of the podcast here.