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Start 2018 with a Bang!

Happy New Year!

Chime brought you a number of awesome new tools and features in 2017. We’d like to point you to just a couple of those FREE resources to help you kick off 2018 with an eye toward smashing successes!

FREE eBook: Building Teams

2018 may be the year for you to start building an effective real estate team. Back in April, we launched a great resource, How to Build a Real Estate Team from the Ground Up. With this eBook, you can learn how agents are starting their own teams with actionable plans. You’ll discover the pros and cons of different team leadership models, who you’ll need to hire first, the expected ROI each team member brings, and what tools you need to run your top performing team. Check it out!

FREE Budget Calculator

Use our handy calculator tool to quickly determine what needs to be fed into the top of your funnel in the way of prospects in order to generate the desired number of transactions to achieve your desired salary. It’s critical in your real estate agent career that you not only cover your real estate agent expenses, but your personal living costs as well. Once you’ve figured out what you need to survive personally and in your business, then you can perform the behaviors and marketing activities that will hopefully make those income goals come to fruition.