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Strong Content = Social Media Success; Stuart Sim Shares His Expertise with Real Trends

Looking to kickstart your social media engagement – or take it up a notch – but don’t know where to start?    We’ve got you covered!  Check out this article “The importance of strong content for your social presence,” recently featured in RealTrends from our very own Stuart Sim. 


Stuart shares his insight to help today’s real estate professionals effectively build and sustain a personal, meaningful, and relevant social media presence to drive greater engagement and generate more business. 


As Stuart notes, “Buying and selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions consumers make in their lifetime… Buyers and sellers want their agent to be a partner in this journey, one who will protect them and help them achieve their dreams. They must be confident in their agent to ensure a mutually positive experience. This is how social media — and the content you post — can really make an impact.”


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