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The Different Types of Real Estate Teams

If you’re looking to increase your volume of annual transactions, building and running your own real estate team is the best way to achieve your career and financial goals. There are a number of ways to structure a real estate team, and it’s a decision you need to make very carefully. The leadership structure of your team will determine the depth and breadth of your future business.

The Partnership Model. You may consider the possibility of partnering with another agent. This usually happens when you’ve worked with an agent in the past and know each of you can bring together unique skill sets.

The Family Model. The prospects of pairing with a family member who is also a licensed agent is tempting. Husband and wife teams can work, especially if their skills sets are complementary rather than overlapping. In addition, these teams have larger social reach they can leverage for referrals.

The CEO Model. Husband and wife teams were the most common type of real estate team in the 90s, but today, most teams consist of four to nine members with a single, central leader. The CEO model is more agile, more lean, and decisions come directly from you.

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