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Time to Stand Out! Chime’s New Comparative Market Analysis Tool

Over the past 18 months, customers have cited the need to differentiate themselves given the influx of new agents flooding the market. Competition for listings remains fierce! Today, we released our new Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool to help brokers stand out from the crowd and convert on key opportunities.


Featuring slick visualizations to help agents showcase data in an easily digestible format, the Chime CMA tool enables users to create an unlimited number of personalized and branded market analysis reports for their clients. It also includes an Intelligent Pricing feature, mapping home value to potential buyers in the area, enabling real estate pros to have a data-driven conversation with clients about their listing strategy. 


Plus, the tool is fully integrated into Chime CRM and our lead matching capabilities, enabling real estate pros to prioritize which leads to pursue and nurture to close.


Let’s help you stand out from the competition. Email us today at sales@chime.me and sign up for a free trial!