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Top Real Estate Tech Trends for 2018

Real estate agents have been using technology for years, including online access to MLS data, building their own websites and connecting with contacts via social media. The pace of new technology available to real estate agents isn’t slowing down. Here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

Drone Photography

The FAA has passed legislation that will establish education requirements for drone users, which will allow photographers to more easily add a license to operate drones to their trick bag. This will make it easier for real estate agents to hire photographers to operate a drone commercially to film homes from above. Real estate agents with an affinity for gadgets may even get their own license.

In an increasingly competitive market, some agents are marketing drone photography as a way to stand out in the marketplace. In addition, homeowners are starting to expect that their agent will produce aerial images of their home when it goes on the market, especially in the luxury market.

Drone open houses may even become a thing.

3D and Virtual Reality Tours

Many agents today provide a virtual tours of their listings. Sometimes these tours are a simple progression of photographs taken inside the home. But, companies such as Matterport are producing 3D and virtual reality tours that can make the viewer feel like they’re taking a personal walkthrough.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality refers to the ability to layer images over an image of the real world. A sophisticated version of this type of technology is seen on television programs such as Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. The technology allows buyers to “see” a home after renovations.

This capability can be used in real estate to help a buyer envision what a home would look like with renovations or what their couch would look like in the living room of a home under consideration.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is making a big impact in virtually every industry. Companies like Chime allow real estate agents to take advantage of the impact AI is having on the real estate industry. The real estate lead capture engine offered by Chime lets agents find the right leads at the right time. The Chime engine creates a profile for new leads that helps agents interact with leads and identify when a lead is interested in buying or selling property.

Final Thoughts

Automation is continually evolving and getting more sophisticated. It is particularly useful when various platforms are integrated, for example, one system that offers integrated lead generation, CRM, MLS and website capabilities. It will bring significant competitive advantages to those who take advantage of the possibilities.