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unCoaching: Why Real Estate Coaching Must Evolve

by guest blogger Chris Morrison

In nearly every industry in the world — particularly real estate — professionals can benefit from the wisdom and experience of a trusted mentor, or coach. Real estate coaches can share tried and tested tips with agents to help them improve their performance, and they can offer a different perspective on the job to help ensure that agents aren’t stuck or stunted.

However, not every real estate coach is created equal. In fact, pairing up with a real estate coach who uses outdated methods and technology (I call them “dinosaurs”) can actually do more harm than good for an agent in the long-run. So, if you’re a coach, how can you make sure you’re offering the most valuable and sought-after services to your clients, so that you sustain your business and actually offer advice that will help?

In my experience, it’s by offering an evolved service — one that I like to call unCoaching.

With unCoaching, you can take advantage of a tech platform to provide coaching on the niche subjects agents actually want to learn about — when they actually need to learn about them.

unCoaching is different from coaching because it’s not a longstanding marriage between coach and client, where coaches and clients work together for an indefinite period of time exchanging the same, rote, traditional, repeated, generalized real estate advice.

Instead, with unCoaching, coaches and clients use a convenient tech platform to pair up and share lessons, taking advantage of the ease and helpfulness of a collaborative space to schedule calls, record notes, write down homework assignments and more. A system like this is great for agents, because it allows them to search for a coach in their niche and schedule on-demand help when they experience a situation they need help with. It also pays off for coaches, because agents can share their experiences and ideas about how to use the advice they’re being given with their coaches, creating a feedback loop and full-circle learning experience that ultimately makes each coach a better coach.

In my experience, real estate coaching can’t be a static thing. It has to be an evolving practice that takes advantage of tech tools and agent demand to deliver a service that is valuable, desired and convenient. That’s why it’s time to think about taking advantage of unCoaching: a multidimensional process that makes better agents as well as more helpful, learned coaches.

In our next blog post, we’ll talk about why having access to multiple coaches is so important — and why you should learn that it’s okay if you feel like you’re ready to leave your coach for someone new.

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