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What’s Next in SEO Tech: AMP

Wondering how you can get an even bigger edge on the competition when it comes to upping your SEO game for your real estate website?

Chime is excited to roll out Google’s AMP upgrade to our Chime IDX Websites at no additional cost to our customers.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is an HTML page that has been designed for mobile users to have a better online experience through faster load pages, more engaging and easier to read the content. Google began the AMP project a few years ago with the goal to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.

Lights moving fast during a mobile search

And so far, studies have shown that pages with the AMP standard have seen an increase in organic search traffic.

Highlights of one study showed that 22 out of the 26 sites analyzed had increases in organic search on mobile devices. More than 21% had higher levels of organic traffic, nearly 34% had an increase in impressions from a search engine results page and more than 15% saw higher click-through rates from a search engine results page.

What that means for customers with Chime’s IDX websites is not only a better mobile experience for your leads, including faster loading of listing images and property information, it also means more leads coming into your site, more clicks on your property listings and more opportunities to close deals.

Chime is one of the only ones in the industry offering AMP standard websites for its customers. We are excited to be at the cutting edge of this technology and for our customers to be able to reap the benefits it offers.

Interested in trying AMP out? Talk to one of the folks at Chime!