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Chime and EyeSpy360 Partner to Meet Demand for Digital Innovations in Real Estate

Integration will provide high-quality, affordable digital home showings direct from Chime platform

Phoenix, AZ - May 13, 2021 – Chime Technologies, an award-winning real estate technology innovator, today announced the company has partnered with the world’s leading 360 virtual tour platform provider, EyeSpy360. Featuring seamless integration with Chime-built IDX web sites, customers can leverage the application to provide both virtual home tours and live remote tours. Coupled with Chime’s operational intelligence and AI-driven insights, real estate professionals have the digital innovations they need to strengthen relationships with buyers and sellers amid an increasingly competitive market and drive opportunities to close. To learn more, visit https://chime360tours.com/ or check out our latest video.

Prior to 2019, digital home tours were primarily reserved for luxury listings; obtaining the necessary equipment and services was difficult, time consuming, and incredibly expensive. With EyeSpy360’s innovative platform, realtors selling homes across all price points can generate a high-quality, cost-effective virtual tour. By integrating that capability directly into the Chime platform, customers can avoid subscribing to yet another service saving them money and time.

“As Virtual Tours become increasingly ubiquitous, agents everywhere will need to have a virtual tour solution as part of their marketing mix,” noted Andrew Nicholls, CEO of EyeSpy360. “We are delighted that Chime has chosen to partner with EyeSpy360 to deliver on this demand. We look forward to working with Chime and its loyal customer base over the coming years to further developing our market leading platform and ensure a best-of-breed product for all.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated demand and adoption of real estate technology like never before. Meeting clients where they are – in-person, virtually, or a combination of the two – is an incredible competitive advantage in today’s white hot residential real estate market,” noted Mike McGowan, vice president, sales for Chime. “By partnering with EyeSpy360 we are giving our customers yet another opportunity to capitalize on technology that can increase speed to lead and speed to close."

To learn more about how agents and brokerages can benefit from this partnership check out our latest video. For firsthand insights on all things Chime, join our Facebook Group.

About Chime Technologies
Chime is an award-winning real estate technology innovator headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Our AI-powered platform empowers real estate professionals, teams, and brokerages with the tools they need to automate lead generation operations, drive conversions, and grow their business. Chime Technologies operates as a US subsidiary of Renren, Inc. (RENN). For more information, visit www.chime.me/.

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