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Chime Enhances Sales Acceleration Platform through Strategic Partnership with Aidentified

Integrated platform highlights significant wealth events in real time to fuel pipeline with sales ready leads

Phoenix, AZ – April 15, 2019 – Chime Technologies, an award winning operating system for the real estate industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Aidentified’s MoneyinMotion, a solution that identifies and flags wealth events across millions of U.S. executives in real time. Unlike anything else in the industry, this new partnership enhances Chime’s AI-powered sales acceleration platform to arm real estate agents with an increased number of sales ready leads based on significant wealth events. This latest partnership underscores Chime’s continued commitment to delivering the most robust, effective and easy to use platform designed to manage and nurture leads while improving agent productivity. To learn more about Chime’s sales acceleration platform, please visit chime.me.

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Through this new partnership, Aidentified’s MoneyinMotion will automatically feed personalized insight around prospects that have benefitted from significant wealth events including IPOs, stock transactions, M&A activity, and Investments Received, into the Chime platform in real time. Aidentified will also include a 360-degree view of the prospect with both consumer and professional attributes, offering the critical insight needed to most effectively pursue leads. By delivering sales ready prospects daily, agents will be empowered to prioritize only qualified leads and through unique Relationship Mapping technology, will understand how they are connected to each lead, fueling more personalized outreach and saving considerable time and effort. This unprecedented level of insight will significantly help to drive agent affinity and engagement with prospects, setting a broker, and his or her firm, apart from competitors.

Available on both desktop and via mobile devices, qualified prospects from the Aidentified platform are sent directly to Chime’s AI-powered CRM with the simple push of a button or a swipe to the right. Once prospects are populated in the platform, agents are alerted to new wealth activity, and armed with keen insights based on the prospects’ persona, the integrated solution helps agents craft a compelling and effective message. This concentrated level of detail helps time strapped agents focus only on activities likely to drive the bottom line and deliver unmatched customer service.

“We are thrilled to partner with Aidentfied to enhance the value of our platform and deliver qualified prospects to busy real estate agents struggling to fuel a reliable pipeline,” said Mike McGowan, Vice President, Sales, Chime. “This latest partnership underscores our continued interest and investment in building a true end to end sales acceleration platform, built on innovative technology, and uniquely designed to deliver the operational intelligence needed to effectively manage and nurture leads, and improve agent productivity.”

"Based on our work with real estate brokers, we quickly came to learn that Chime is one of the preferred sales acceleration platforms in the industry, said Darr Aley, CMO, Aidentified. “As a result, we were excited about the opportunity to offer Chime users a complementary and integrated solution that surfaces real time, actionable wealth events in order to qualify prospects on the spot, understand how they are connected and engage them with the right message at the right time. The new integrated platform will save agents significant time, ensure they stay focused on highly qualified leads and help them get to a close faster."

“The newly integrated Aidentified’s Money in Motion within Chime CRM, enables my team to quickly and easily identify, target, connect and cultivate buyers and sellers based on liquidity events, wealth scores, and a variety of other data sets,” said Eric Boyenga, a leading Compass Brokerage in the bay area and founder of Boyenga Real Estate Team. “This insight is hugely beneficial in uncovering the best buyers for our team's listings, as well as capturing potential sellers earlier in their decision-making process, significantly helping to drive our bottom line.”

About Chime Technologies
Chime is an all-in-one Sales Acceleration Platform for the real estate industry headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Its award-winning productivity suite offers a robust set of features that help real estate professionals and teams of all sizes run and grow their business. Chime Technologies operates as a US subsidiary of Renren, Inc. (RENN). For more information, contact support@chimeinc.com or 888-682-4463, or visit www.chime.me/.

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