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Chime is now Lofty! Click here to Learn More

Chime is now Lofty!

Newest AI-powered Innovation Streamlines Marketing Content Creation and Execution for Busy Real Estate Agents and Teams

  • Phoenix, AZ – November 7, 2023 – Award-winning real estate innovator, Chime Technologies today announced the company has rebranded as Lofty. This marks a significant step in the evolution of the company and underscores the organization’s persistent commitment to providing practical AI-powered innovations for the modern real estate professional as they seek to better manage and grow their business. To learn more and hear directly from the executive team about what this evolution means visit, lofty.com/chimetolofty.

As the real estate space becomes more competitive, AI has the potential to greatly increase process efficiency through automation and lowering operating costs, all while empowering agents to spend more time doing what they do best – building relationships and selling properties. Powered by proven AI technology, Lofty’s cohesive platform ensures real estate pros can spend less time juggling multiple software applications and more time building their business.

Customers have been successfully leveraging the company’s AI innovations since 2019. The Lofty platform features a single, flexible hub to help automate marketing programs, streamline the sales process, maximize collaboration, and convert more leads into transactions. Most recently, the company introduced an AI Marketing Assistant designed to help busy agents and teams streamline marketing content creation and execution. Unlike simple point solutions and outdated CRM software, Lofty seamlessly optimizes every step of the customer journey from search to settlement.

“The real estate industry is arguably amid the most significant, positive disruption in its history. It stands to unravel structures that have long undermined innovation and competition. The agents and firms that best utilize technology and systems will outcompete the competition and seize market share,” noted Robert Lucido Jr., chief strategy officer at Lucido Global. “Our team has long been impressed by Lofty’s commitment to providing best-in-class innovations that make a real difference in the lives of our agents and teams. We are excited to leverage Lofty's next wave of product development and aggressively compete in the next era of our industry.”

In tandem with the rebrand, Lofty is also introducing a significantly upgraded mobile app, recognizing that efficiencies generated by AI will enable agents to spend more time out in the field while still requiring on-the-go access to the Lofty platform. Built from inception as a mobile-first offering, the Lofty app will bring together all the key capabilities customers know and love plus brand-new features including:

  • Chat Groups
– Enables greater team collaboration and efficiency around listings and provides an upgraded user experience for agent-to-consumer chat.
  • Showing Management
– Provides a NEW innovative solution for agents to communicate and coordinate showings, create more engagement, and capture more interest on their listings.
  • Listing Management
– Agents can now easily search, manage, and promote listings directly from their mobile device empowering them to be even more productive while on the go.

“As the real estate industry continues to change rapidly, we have expanded our vision to best meet the evolving needs of our customers, helping them navigate and prosper in a world that will be driven by AI,” noted Joe Chen, CEO of Lofty. “We want our brand to inspire customers to believe in their future success and set ‘lofty’ goals for their business. Our clients can continue to expect the same high level of product innovation and commitment to addressing their business needs through the practical application of AI technology.”

For more information on Lofty and how we can help your real estate business grow, visit lofty.com/chimetolofty.

About Lofty, Inc.
Lofty, Inc. (formerly Chime Technologies) provides an AI-powered platform that helps real estate professionals increase their productivity and accelerate business growth. Featuring award-winning technology, the Lofty platform is designed to optimize every step of the real estate journey, from search to settlement. By leveraging one unified hub, customers can automate marketing programs, streamline the sales process, and maximize collaboration between agents empowering them to spend more time building relationships and their business.  Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Lofty operates as a US subsidiary of Moatable, Inc. (NYSE: MTBL). For more information, visit lofty.com.