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Chime Partners with Ylopo to Enhance Lead Generation Capabilities and Drive Better Conversion through Data Driven Technology

Best of breed solutions delivered on one powerful platform built for real estate industry

Phoenix, AZ - Oct 6, 2020 – Today Chime Technologies, an award-winning operating system for the real estate industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Ylopo, a leading provider of digital marketing technology solutions for real estate agents, teams and brokerages. The ecosystem supported by this relationship will allow real estate professionals to gain access to Ylopo’s best of breed marketing and lead generation tools and Chime’s complementary award-winning lead conversion tools to more effectively convert prospects into clients. Through a thoughtful and strategic integration, Chime and Ylopo are helping arm today’s agents with the most comprehensive platform, built on data driven insights, to drive the bottom line. To learn more, visit HERE

Historically, the real estate industry has suffered at the hands of technology companies trying to be all things to all people. In order to be successful, agents need access to both intuitive lead generation tools and powerful CRM capabilities to identify, manage and nurture leads. Recognizing the industry gap, Chime and Ylopo have integrated their best of breed solutions to support both lead generation and lead conversion. Through this partnership, Ylopo will manage lead generation and remarketing and feed all lead intelligence (property types, neighborhoods, amenities, price, etc.) directly into the Chime CRM. Now clients will be armed with actionable intelligence they can use to better serve the buyers and sellers in their CRM and grow their business. See how it works HERE

“We are thrilled to partner with Ylopo and extend the value of our powerful platform. By combining our best in class data driven solutions, we are helping customers stay ahead of their competition, better serve their clients and grow their business,” said Mike McGowan, Vice President, Sales, Chime.

“We keenly understand the real estate industry and what agents and teams need to be successful” said Howard Tager, Co-Founder & CEO, Ylopo.  “Partnering with Chime is a strategic opportunity to combine our innovative digital marketing technology with Chime’s market leading CRM platform to give customers the best of both worlds and ensure long term success.”

“As the CEO of Lab Coat Agents, I often get the opportunity to test new products and when I uncover powerful technology combinations, I am eager to share for the betterment of this industry,” said Tristan Ahumada, CEO, Lab Coat Agents. “One of the best CRM and marketing integrations I’ve seen is the Chime-Ylopo partnership. The combined platform includes a number of essential tools needed to effectively run a real estate business today including AI, DARE Ads, PPC2.0, Facebook lead ads, A Dialer, Automation, Agent App, and more.
To learn more, visit HERE

About Chime Technologies
Chime is an all-in-one Sales Acceleration Platform for the real estate industry headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Its award-winning productivity suite offers a robust set of features that help real estate professionals and teams of all sizes run and grow their business. Chime Technologies operates as a US subsidiary of Renren, Inc. (RENN). For more information, contact support@chimeinc.com or 833-682-4463, or visit www.chime.me/.

About Ylopo
Founded in 2016, Ylopo is in business to make property marketing and agent branding fast, affordable, and easy to manage. Co-founded by Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge, the privately funded company has grown by more than 300% since launch and is responsible for an array of innovations in real estate marketing, namely the proliferation of automated, budget-conscious online advertising campaigns for Facebook. For more information, contact kiwi@ylopo.com or visit www.ylopo.com.

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