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Chime Technologies Unveils Dynamic Ads for Real Estate Designed for Facebook

Unique user mapping technology empowers brokers with targeted insight to more effectively generate and nurture leads

Phoenix, AZ – June 17, 2019 - Chime Technologies, an operating system for the real estate industry, today unveiled DARE (Dynamic Ads for Real Estate) designed for Facebook. The new offering, fully integrated with Chime’s AI-powered sales acceleration platform, optimizes and delivers ad creatives sourced from MLS to a targeted audience based on broker preferences. By customizing the ads and actively responding and adjusting to lead behaviors accordingly, DARE delivers high quality ads via Facebook to targeted leads for more effective results. Designed to help brokers and real estate teams automate online lead generation and fuel top of funnel advertising, Chime’s DARE delivers more leads, ensures a better conversion rate and costs less per lead than traditional options. To learn more, visit www.chime.me.

Historically, online lead generation solutions have not performed effectively or yielded successful results for most brokers. Meanwhile, the demands of the real estate market make managing this program unwieldly for busy agents. As a result, many brokers miss out on the opportunity to capture leads via influential online channels. By leveraging the power of Facebook, automating the process, and integrating lead data into Chime’s comprehensive real estate platform, agents ensure their lead generation program exclusively delivers relevant, active and interested buyers and sellers.

“The new dynamic ads solution from Chime is a valuable, cost effective lead generation tool that our industry desperately needs,” said Mike Klemsrud, CEO, eHouse Realty, Inc. “Like many brokers, my team is strapped for time and always on the go. Chime helps us leverage the power of social media and get to a close faster without the burden of having to manually manage the system, and helps ensure we stay focused on our target market and motivated consumers. Chime has been a game changer for my brokerage and team."

To get started, the Chime customer success team helps clients identify the ideal properties to feature and seamlessly connects each ad back to a page on the IDX site. By strategically mapping properties back to clients’ business objectives and unique broker profile, Chimes’ DARE helps to deliver the most relevant and targeted leads, shortening the window from contact to close. Once an interested lead clicks to learn more and a lead form is populated, the lead is entered into Chimes’ CRM and is automatically analyzed by an intelligent scoring system. The AI-powered platform leverages unique user mapping technology to consistently review user behavior and adjust the lead score, in turn adjusting how to effectively nurture the lead over time.

“Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate business but many agents and teams find managing the process of online lead generation daunting and unsuccessful. DARE helps alleviate this burden,” said Mike McGowan, Vice President of Sales, Chime. “By automating the process and integrating leads into our end to end real estate platform, agents are freed to focus only on those intent focused buyers and sellers.”

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About Chime Technologies
Chime is an all-in-one Sales Acceleration Platform for the real estate industry headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Its award-winning productivity suite offers a robust set of features that help real estate professionals and teams of all sizes run and grow their business. Chime Technologies operates as a US subsidiary of Renren, Inc. (RENN). For more information, contact info@chime.me or 888-682-4463, or visit www.chime.me/.

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