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Thousands of Top Real Estate Agents Rely on Chime AI Assistant to Effectively Attract, Nurture and Convert Leads

Chime’s intuitive chatbot doubles response rate and increases capture rates by more than 30%

Phoenix, AZ - February 24, 2021 – Chime Technologies, an award-winning operating system for the real estate industry, today announced that 60% of its customers including thousands of top performing real estate agents rely on AI Assistant, Chime’s intuitive chatbot to help attract more leads, nurture prospects and convert clients. Powered by Google’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Chime AI Assistant delivers better accuracy in recognizing leads’ intention and provides more helpful responses to boost agent productivity and increase conversion rates. Check out our AI Assistant demo HERE

Snapshot - Chime Customer Success with AI Assistant:

• Capture rates up by more than 33%

• Doubled new lead response rate

• Increased lead effectiveness by 300% through the AI auto qualification and nurturing process

• Overall increase in appointments set for realtors by more than 140%

Unlike solutions with rudimentary or limited AI capabilities, Chime’s AI Assistant is powered by feedback from thousands of agents and fueled by millions of real conversations with buyers and sellers across the country. Chime’s professional training team regularly reviews the chatbot’s performance to effectively train AI Assistant to thoroughly understand the nuances of the real estate business. And with more than 30 new chat scenarios introduced each month and daily bad case reviews with top performing agents, Chime’s AI Assistant delivers the unmatched operational intelligence agents need to more efficiently and effectively close deals.

Chime customer Serri Rowell, Owner, Hey Serri Home Team, notes, “Speed to lead is a challenge for our agents. AI Assistant has been instrumental in helping to engage with clients quickly and start the qualification process sooner. Now, when an agent steps in, they are more likely to be connected with a sales-ready client and feel empowered to confidently suggest homes or address specific questions. Without AI Assistant, this would have required a significant amount of time and in some cases may not have even been possible.”

With enhancements planned for the year including new scripts, predictive marketing features and robust reporting, AI Assistant is a must have for time strapped agents looking to increase efficiencies and drive more conversions without having to work harder. Mike McGowan, vice president, sales, notes, “We have only just begun to unleash the power of AI in our chatbot and through each interaction, AI Assistant becomes increasingly smarter, adding more value to our customers and driving better conversion rates. We will continue to invest in our unique AI capabilities to provide greater functionality and empower agents with the insight needed to focus on sales-ready leads, better serve clients and drive the bottom line.”

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About Chime Technologies
Chime is an all-in-one Sales Acceleration Platform for the real estate industry headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Its award-winning productivity suite offers a robust set of features that help real estate professionals and teams of all sizes run and grow their business. Chime Technologies operates as a US subsidiary of Renren, Inc. (RENN). For more information, contact support@chimeinc.com or 833-682-4463, or visit www.chime.me/.

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Sarah Murray
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