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Chime is now Lofty! Click here to Learn More

Chime is now Lofty!

It’s a big day over here as we officially announce we have rebranded to Lofty, marking a significant step in the evolution of our company. Customers have successfully leveraged our AI innovations since 2019. This move underscores our persistent commitment to providing practical AI-powered innovations for the modern real estate professional as they seek to better manage and grow their business.

Check out our news announcement here.

Today, we also introduced a refreshed mobile app, bringing together all the key capabilities customers know and love plus brand-new features enabling real estate professionals to:
-Manage all listings and showings;
-Facilitate and track client communication;
-Create and optimize social media content;
-Leverage a new “chat” function to communicate with lenders, agents, and clients providing a seamless -channel to nurture key business relationships

We are thrilled to continue to support strategic real estate professionals by providing the technology tools needed to ensure they can stay focused on what they do best – service clients and grow their business. Stay tuned for more Lofty news in the coming months as our hard-working product development continues to innovate our award-winning platform!