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Why You Don't Need Chat GPT...On It's Own Anyway

Why You Don't Need Chat GPT On It's Own


While ChatGPT has been heralded as a productivity and time saving tool for agents, the addition of yet another “essential” tech tool is disruptive to a typical agent workflow requiring an agent to toggle between applications and negatively impacts the efficiency of executing essential day to day activities. And while we won’t argue the proven value of AI in augmenting hard working agents, relying on a platform with AI built-in not only accommodates the typical day to day agent workflow, but ensures they stay focused within one central platform to streamline time consuming yet essential activities. When ChatGPT features are built into a platform, the AI only gets smarter – regularly coached and refined based on thousands of real conversations and feedback to deliver immensely better outcomes. One-off interactions with ChatGPT cannot deliver the same rich results and requires significantly more time from an agent, a luxury most real estate professionals lack. 

We have been championing the value of AI for over 5 years, relying on Google’s machine learning algorithm to power our award-winning virtual assistant, Lofty Assistant. Designed to help save agents time, easily generate new ideas, improve the quality of content, reduce costs, and scale effectively, our built-in ChatGPT features – delivered within an easy-to-use platform environment familiar to Lofty customers - alleviate the pressure of time-consuming content development. This helps ensure agents stay focused on delivering the essential human touch required for success in real estate.

From auto generated content for emails and texts, blogs, and social media posts, to a robust library of templated popular prompts and intuitive editing capabilities to develop bespoke prompts based on specific customer requirements, our ChatGPT capabilities deliver exactly what an agent needs to engage their database regularly and meaningfully. By delivering carefully curated content informed by ChatGPT capabilities, agents are well positioned to fuel their pipeline with sales-ready leads. 

With ChatGPT and Google Machine Learning innately powering the platform, agents can rest easy knowing buyers and sellers will benefit from a consistent and personalized user experience and feel empowered to focus on delivering the essential human aspect of the real estate process.  Powered by innovative AI, Lofty meets agents where they are – on the go – and eliminates the nuisance of having to toggle between applications to get the job done. 

 While there is a lot of buzz around the value of ChatGPT for agents, without an integration to a platform that keenly understands your audience and specific needs, this “free” tool will end up costing you a lot more in time and brainpower over the long run.  Check out our intuitive AI capabilities for yourself and learn more about the value of a platform, purpose built to support the way agents work.